Getting the most from Winter Photography

Winter is upon us again. As much as I love Summer for the freshness & freeness, Winter has its own charm for photos.

Heres some key tips to embrace Winter in your images: 

1. Use Texture. Covering yourself is a key part of keeping cosy in winter. Utilise fabrics, from scarves to hoodies. 

2. Light. Winter gives off some amazing light! Photographing in the golden hour is going to give you amazing lighting. In Winter, with the days being shorter, you won't need to wait till 8pm at night or be up at 5am to take advantage of it. The golden hour is just before the sun sets or just after the sun rises. Given its a great sunny day (which is 85% of the time in winter; another bonus!) nature will give you the finest lighting for free. 

3. The Elements. Using fallen leaves, stark/ bare wood, and the wind are great elements to play with.  

Heres a few of my shots that have captured that Winterness!